Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Miss You (Day 47)

I wish we spent more time together.  You used to be my best friend.  My favorite way to spend my time.  But then I grew up, got a job, got married, had babies.  And now, I sit here and think about you often.  Please come back.  I miss you.

I Love Mo (Day 46)

 You may know the Pigeon.  But meet Gerald and Piggie.  And who knew Piggie is a girl?  I seriously LOVE these books.  There are about 18 of them.  Yay!  Because we can keep reading them.  Where's the closest Barnes and Noble.

Easy BreazyAfternoon (Day 45)

Tired.  Sounds asleep.

Let's Get This Started (Day 44)

Bear ready to play some ball.

Kite-flying (Day 43)

It's not a great picture, but look how she seems to be 3D, like she's popping off the page.  Amazing!  Now to figure out how I did it. (No photoshop)

Noise maker (Day 42)

I finally found what was making that crazy loud noise outside.  He's beautiful!

Ants in the Pants (Day 41)

Playdate with Sweet R.  He's too cute.  Gave a whole new meaning to The Three Stooges.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Look Mom, no hands! (Day 40)

Hey, Mom, I'm flying.  I'm, like, a plane.  (Makes plane sound)  Watch out, Mom, or I'll bomb you!

Up in the Clouds (Day 39)

The plane tricks were insane, but check out this sky.  So beautiful.  Almost too perfect, right?

Put Me In Coach (Day 38)

Don't you wonder what they were all talking about?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hat Trick (Day 36)

Obsessed with his new team hat for T-ball, he was tossing it into the air like he was graduating.  When this happened.  Luckily, my little problem-solver ran into the house, grabbed the broom, and got it down.  I barely had time to snap this photo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ahhhhh (Day 35)

Friday afternoon, my view as I relax in the sunshine. (No photshop on this, from iPad)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Breakfast (Day 34)

French toast, bacon, and juice and the newspaper.  Yum!  Gotta love a Jersey diner.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'll cut you! (Day 33)

What's more fun on a chilly afternoon than a whole bucket of craft scissors and printer paper. 
Let your imagination run wild.

Daisy-man (Day 32)

Superheroes are taking over around here.  Even the flowers look like they are wearing superhero masks.  This is the craziest flower.  One stem and two flowers blended together.  It's like conjoined daisies.  But we think it looks likes a flower wearing a mask.

Sit a spell (Day 31)

I was so tired of sitting on the steps of the front porch.  So, a quick trip to Lowes resulted in comfy chairs that I can see the whole yard and driveway.  Let the warm temperatures begin!

Rhododendren (Day 30)

Purple is my favorite color.

50 Shades of Green (Day 29)

Crayola has nothing on all the shades of green in my yard.

T-ball time (Day 28)

We call it C-ball or A-ball.  They are the only ones who know how to throw and catch.  So guess who's always the pitcher and first base?

Helicopters (Day 27)

These things are everywhere!  We sweep them up and throw handfuls into the air.  Lots of laughter.