Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Miss You (Day 47)

I wish we spent more time together.  You used to be my best friend.  My favorite way to spend my time.  But then I grew up, got a job, got married, had babies.  And now, I sit here and think about you often.  Please come back.  I miss you.

I Love Mo (Day 46)

 You may know the Pigeon.  But meet Gerald and Piggie.  And who knew Piggie is a girl?  I seriously LOVE these books.  There are about 18 of them.  Yay!  Because we can keep reading them.  Where's the closest Barnes and Noble.

Easy BreazyAfternoon (Day 45)

Tired.  Sounds asleep.

Let's Get This Started (Day 44)

Bear ready to play some ball.

Kite-flying (Day 43)

It's not a great picture, but look how she seems to be 3D, like she's popping off the page.  Amazing!  Now to figure out how I did it. (No photoshop)

Noise maker (Day 42)

I finally found what was making that crazy loud noise outside.  He's beautiful!